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(Prices valid through 02/22/2006)


  • 468x60 : $200/month
    (site-wide, above-the-fold)
  • 120x60 : $100/month
    (site-wide, above-the-fold)
  • 120x800 Skyscraper: $150/month
    (site-wide, below-the-fold)
  • All other specs can be worked out by special request.  Contact us for a specific ad spec price quote.


  • Payment, artwork, links, and running date rotation schedules are due 48 hours in advance of scheduled run.
  • Payment must be made by cashier's check or money order made out to Entertain Your Brain.
  • Artwork must be in either GIF (it may be animated) or JPEG file format, not to exceed 50K for 468x60 or 25K for 120x60.
  • Entertain Your Brain reserves the right to refuse an advertiser we deem inappropriate.
  • If, for some unseen reason, we are somehow unable to serve your ad (i.e. the server goes down, we get a virus, etc.), you will be fully refunded.


  • "Month" generally refers to midnight on the first day of the agreed month to midnight Mountain Time of the following month's concurrent date (i.e. the 23rd of January to the 23rd of February.)
  • "Site-wide" refers to all the main Entertain Your Brain pages: the front page and all the other main pages. This includes the Movies, TV, and Music pages.  If you have a request to advertise on a specific feature or review page, let us know.  We can work it out.
  • "Above-the-fold" means visible without scrolling down or to the right on a monitor set at 800x600 resolution or greater.

Questions?  Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns.

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