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Here are a few links to other sites that help me out with this site and other entertainment-related sites that are just fun to visit:




  1. Internet Movie Database - A must for any movie or TV fan.

  2. Zap2It - Great resource for news, movie showtimes, TV listings, and more.

  3. E! Online - Good source for news and gossip.

  4. Wikipedia - An online encyclopedia that has helped me tremendously with entertainment facts.




  1. Screen It! - A site that gives parents a guide about specific content on today's movies so that they can decide how appropriate they are for their kids.

  2. Reggie McDaniel - A fellow local Denver critic with a great attitude, a unique sense of style, and a charming personality.  Also, check out his Everyday Parent's Entertainment Guide, a site that gives parents the heads up about the entertainment exposed to their kids and what to look out for.

  3. Cinemark Theatres - A cool chain of movie theaters with a really unique buffet-style concession stand.  They are also one of the chains that participates in the Fandango ticket preordering feature (check it out at www.fandango.com.)  They have been kind enough to let me check out some of their films to review for the site, so I wanted to give my props to them.

  4. Regency Theatres - Another chain of movie theaters who have graciously let me check out some movies for my reviews.  They are a cool chain because they sell unique fancy concessions and showcase a nice mix of first-run wide release movies and independents.

  5. The Critic Doctor - Ever think some critics are full of bull?  This site critiques the critics!  I am one of the critics that the Critic Doctor now reviews!

  6. Ain't It Cool News - Insider news, gossip, rumors, and reviews for geeks and non-geeks alike.

  7. Mr. Flix - Because the Internet needs more film critics (actually, it's a cool site that does movie, TV, and DVD reviews, and it gives news about anticipated upcoming film projects.)

  8. Starpulse - This is an entertainment search portal with wallpapers, photos, bios, and much more on the hottest movies, celebrities, music, and other entertainment topics.

  9. News Askew - A great site to get all the latest news from the world of Kevin Smith, one of my favorite geek directors (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, and Clerks II.)

  10. Allmovieportal.net - Check this site out to get Movie Reviews - Posters - and Celebrity Bios!

  11. FilmFreakCentral.net - I also happen to know one of the critics for this site, Walter Chaw.  His reviews can get a little heady, but if you are a hardcore film geek, he speaks your language.

  12. AllMoviePhoto.com - A good site to get movie photos from the biggest movies of the last 35 years.

  13. The Movie Insider - A website that has been around since 1999, they call themselves "The Heartbeat of Hollywood!"  It is mostly a movie site, but they talk about TV a little, including reviews of TV movies.

  14. Wallywood - A fun site that points out the goofs and errors in many movies.

  15. Dark Horizons - Another site that has news and rumors from the film world, plus film reviews, TV episode guides, and much more.

  16. Greg's Previews - Compiled by Greg Dean Schmitz (from UpcomingMovies.com), each preview page tracks an individual film throughout its development and production, up until release.

  17. The Movies Online - A site that compiles awards, release schedules, reviews, trivia, and more.




  1. The Futon Critic - A great site edited by Brian Ford Sullivan that has everything you'd want about TV, including news, reviews, DVD release dates, and more.

  2. TV.com - A comprehensive site that has TV show descriptions, episode guides, and more.

  3. TVGuide.com - The online version of the magazine (it also includes movie reviews on the site as well.)

  4. Sir Links-A-Lot - A collection of links pertaining to reality shows, including news and episode summaries.

  5. Television Without Pity - An episode guide with writers that give sarcastic viewpoints on our favorite shows.




  1. Billboard Online - Music news and charts.

  2. AMG All Music Guide - A great site for getting information on musicians.

  3. Pause & Play - A site that is very good at compiling release dates for CD's, music-related DVD's, and music-related books.

  4. Rare Lyrics - A site that has the complete lyrics to the most popular musicians.

  5. Song Lyrics 4 Me - Another site with the complete lyrics to the most popular musicians.

  6. 90.7 KJHK - The college radio station that Entertain Your Brain contributor Brandy Furst works for at the University of Kansas.  Check it out!

  7. Music Stack - A site that at last count there are over 14 millions CDs and LPs listed for sale.  Buy rare music, used CD's, vinyl records, hard to find LP's, out-of-print albums, and more.


More links to come!

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